Products I Use

Just a little round-up of products I use. I recently got interested in makeup, like only until about 2 months ago (LOL), so I only have a few no-nonsense products on my stash. These aren't all of it though since I got lazy taking pictures. Some are out of focus since the f/1.8 lens does crazy bokeh.

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in #05

I got this for about Php350 during the Etude House Grand Sale which they had after garnering 50k followers on Facebook. I pretty much went gaga over the sale because EH products have the best packaging ever and they're known for being an affordable Korean drugstore brand. This blush has glitters and adds a natural glow to my face. It's pretty pigmented too so I'm expecting this to last a long time.

L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation in N4 Nude Beige

I was trying out foundations in the L'Oreal counter in SM Cebu when the sales agent approached me and helped me find my shade. I was playing with one shade lighter and she suggested the N4 which is tad darker. She was really nice and expected that I would buy the darn thing, and because I'm awkward and stupid, I felt too embarrassed to return the product and bought it with my credit card instead. It costs Php995 which I totally had no budget for. :( It's my first liquid foundation though and my first really pricey makeup so, oh well. N4  turned out to be really dark on me too (it didn't match my neck and chest!) so it's not the greatest buy ever but I kinda got over this mini-heartbreak. 

I discovered a lifehack for matching darker foundations though so I still use this occasionally. Will blog about that someday.

Garnier Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream

I'm not the biggest fan of Garnier (their moisturizer with SPF broke me out) so I only bought the small tube for this product. It's supposed to lighten dark spots and I found a few raves about it online so whatever. This costs less than Php200 so it won't be much of a downer if this turns out bad. 

This product didn't break me out but I haven't really seen spectacular lightening with my blemishes. I only used this for about a couple of weeks though so it might be too soon to notice any changes. I usually use this on my upper lip area which is a bit darker after having so many pimples on that area before. :( Too much improper girlstache waxing in college. :(

Etude House Oh ~ m'Eye Lash: Double Up Volume

Bought this at the Etude House sale too! This is around Php189-ish during the sale. This is my first ever colored mascara and I love it. It doesn't really volumize my lashes extensively but the change is still noticeable. I've been practicing putting on mascara using a Fashion 21 colorless, waterproof mascara with lash conditioner and I felt like graduating into a colored mascara. I think I'm doing really well with it and this was a great product to start with, IMO. Cheap and has a nice quality to it. No more smudges! Well, nothing that can't be removed using a Q-tip anyway.

This mascara isn't waterproof so it kinda flakes at the end of the day. Nothing horrifying though and I still love it. It goes bad after three months anyway so whatever. :P


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