Working Out

I'm broadcasting this to the world so I'll feel pressured and ashamed when I eat too much.

By August, I'm hoping to fit exercise and a healthy diet into my daily regimen. I ballooned to 120lbs from my normal 105-107lbs after college.  I blame all the beer and the massive hormonal changes from all the teenage vices I shamelessly indulged in, but that's the past so I'll try to go easy on myself for that.

Post-college and after employment, I found that losing weight is mothafucking hard - my body isn't as obedient, I have more money to spend on food and I have less time (and more excuses) to ward off exercise.

But that's all gonna change starting today. I'm tired of feeling awful after looking at myself in photos and until I'm happy with how I look like (lol good luck with that), I'll never stop.

I'll probably be taking some diet pills to help me get started then we'll see what happens after that.

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