Review: Jason Tea Tree Oil

Price: Php575 at Healthy Options, Ayala Center Cebu
Details: 30mL of pure tea tree oil, the old bottle design says it’s 100% certified organic but I can’t find it on the new bottle design
Ingredient/s: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil

Jason Tea Tree Oil is a pure, all-natural, organic tea tree oil which you can use for all sorts of things. I mainly use it for cockblocking pimples, dabbing a bit of oil in them before they grow into full-pledged, annoying, lil shits.

One major qualm I have with this oil is its smell. It takes getting used to since it’s quite strong. It’s pure oil (no water added! doh!) so the strong, herbal scent is probably a good sign but I find it really disturbing. My boyfriend likes it though since it smells healthy and very organic, so I guess it all depends on personal preference.

It’s very effective in killing off pimples. I used it on three fully-grown zits on my forehead and on the morning after, one of the pimples was gone while the other two had their redness reduced significantly. After three nights, they were barely noticeable especially under a good foundation.

Tea tree oil is well-known to be a potent antiseptic in Australia and can be used for various antibacterial, antifungal and anti-badstuff purposes. For a detailed list on how you can use this essential oil for beauty, health and household needs, check dis out.

I know the price is quite steep for such a small bottle of oil but the list of its uses is pretty long and it actually really works so all is cool.


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