Celebrity Looks: Star Magic Ball 2011

So.. I was looking for nude lipsticks when I stumbled on this blog which loosely reviewed looks of Filipino celebrities during the recently concluded Star Magic Ball. I don't really know every one of these celebrities since I don't have time to follow local shows but .. well, anyway.

While I don't really agree with all of the comments in Vanity Clinic, I have to say that this Lovi Poe girl really does look tired.

She should fire her make-up artist. :( She's pretty but daym.

Posting other looks that I'm a fan of.

I love the bronzed cheeks and the nude lipstick! Her exposed leg is also nice. lol

Julia Montes is pretty.

I totally love everything about her look. She's Kathryn Bernardo and I don't know her but I love her lipstick! And her gown.

Look at Kristine Hermosa! She's gorgeous. I didn't know she was a make-up artist, but this would explain why her make-up suits her so well.

These kids are adorable. lol

All photos are from Yahoo.

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