Stay Away from Cashcashpinoy

Cashcashpinoy is not handling my request for refund very well. They've had the gall to:

  • Block me from their Facebook page. Very classy.
  • Blatantly lying to me about the sessions:

I called Dermclinic again and the receptionist told me that their IPL treatment is not a per-shot basis, but a per session basis with shots per session reaching up to 60 shots. This is consistent with what their dermatologist told me last Monday so basically, Terry from the Cashcashpinoy Team lied to me.

I am not alone in this frustration because upon further digging with my Google-fu, I've amassed a few complaints about Cashcashpinoy's service. Also, FRAUDULENCE! TRICKERY! Stay away from that deal site, guys. They're nothing but trouble.

Below are some of the blog posts I've seen that have nothing good to say about Cashcashpinoy.

Cashcashpinoy Sucks

Don't buy it from Cashcashpinoy. Because at the end of the day, they cannot guarantee what their merchants promise and you cannot trust what they write even if its in black and white.

My Letter to Cashcashpinoy

You simply cannot ask us to renegotiate the terms of the voucher each time we face the merchants themselves. The voucher business is based on trust. Without it, I'm not sure I will purchase from nor recommend your website in the future.

No Guarantees from Cashcashpinoy

Consumers are not protected by the party that brokered the deal, Cashcashpinoy. The most that Cashcashpinoy will do is forward complaints. If you have issues, then you are on own. Imagine if its an isolated case and you are dealing with a large company, good luck getting a feedback, let alone a refund.

Caveat Emptor: Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

Also, it was only when we called that we were told that booking was only for a 15- or 20-minute treatment per session. The 90-94% savings ain’t true. It wasn’t pointed out on their website that it was only a trial treatment!

Unreachable Cash Cash Pinoy 1

Cash Cash Pinoy seems to have gone the extra mile shielding itself from complaints from customers.
October 6, 2011 - I was called by Jhing of Dermclinic this morning and she offered me a reasonable deal which I accepted. Read more here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I too was blocked from CCP's facebook page for complaining. The public should be forwarned not to patronize CCP as it doesn't entertain complaints on its facebook, nor do they bother to answer the numerous e-mails I've sent them.

    Chit Fernandez

  2. Anonymous says:

    i just recently filed a complaint against CashCashPinoy at DTI.. hoping for resolution.. So Terry is the only person who's answering the complaints via emails.. ampf!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was also duped by Cashcashpinoy...we purchased items and it was promised that there was free delivery. After a month of waiting, we still do not have the said items and were already blocked from their facebook account for reporting and making follow ups. We should not patronize this online seller. i am also filing a complaint with DTI and with the proper NGO's to help me with the protection of the Consumer Act. They also ignored my emails.

  4. Anonymous says:

    also had a bad experience wiith CashCashPinoy regarding their LED xmas lights. my comments in their fb page were deleted and they blocked me as well. here's what happened:

    i purchased 2 of their LED xmas lights deal. as indicated in the voucher, delivery would start on DEC. 2 and would take 6 days at the most.

    i made a follow-up on dec. 8 and here’s their reply the following day:

    “We sincerely apologize for the delayed response and for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are currently experiencing a high volume of mails, thus resulting the delay. We know it’s not an excuse but we are trying our best to address your issues as soon as possible.
    We are sorry to hear that you haven’t received your item yet.
    We have forwarded your concern to the Shipping Team. You should be receiving the item early next week.”

    i e-mailed them again on dec. 13 since i haven’t received the item yet. just tonight, i read their email informing me that the LED lights are no longer available. part of their letter reads:

    “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are sorry to inform you that your LED Christmas Lights is no longer available. For this, we will have you refunded.
    We would like to give you an option to either have your refund processed by either receiving CashCashBucks (credits) or through your credit card.
    As soon as we have your details for the refund, rest assured that we will have it processed in 8 working days together with Php 200 credits.”

    no longer available? 8 working days for the refund? 200 extra credit for all the trouble they caused?!? b******t!!!

    to Anonymous December 4, 2011 8:08 PM, please inform me how and where to file a complaint with the DTI. thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    holy shit. I should have seen this blog before I ordered the lipton baby carrier. Im about to get it today. no choice. they didnt deliver. Ordered in 28th of November. till now, ala pa. crap.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I ordered their 180cm CHristmas tree as a gift for my gf's family and provided the details for the free shipment. After 10 days when the delivery will start still no xmas tree so I wrote them. Up to now I have sent 3 emails but still no response. I will file a complaint with DTI if they do not refund me or reply within 4 days.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, I am not alone! They just blocked me from posting my issue and complaint in their FB page! There's a lot of complaints in their fb but they just delete them. I've been trying to send them my concern for almost 3 weeks now, been sending like 6 messages already but still no response! Please do complain this deal site, they're trying to get rid of buyers who needs their assistance in FB!

  8. Camz says:

    Blocking people from their page is very unprofessional. I've been having problems with them as well. They take as much as three weeks before replying to your email and then all they say is that they're sorry for the inconvenience. It took me more than two months to resolve an issue (I ordered a pair of speakers and I didn't get it) and till now I haven't received a refund. I had to send them a few emails with creative cussing to get them to give me an update regarding my order. Awful customer service.

  9. isel says:

    Good to know there are others complaining. I purchased a deal for a dvd player from them back in September. It was my first time buying from CCP so I opted to pay through 7 11. I received the coupon through email, which I downloaded and printed. Delivery of the item would start late October so I crossed my fingers the entire time.

    However, tragedy struck because I was mugged and gunned down early October. When I didn't receive the dvd player during the time they promised, I sent them an email to inquire. At which they replied that I didn't pay for it. So if I didn't pay, how come I have a coupon? After numerous email exchanges, they asked for a copy of the receipt that I paid in 711. I lost that receipt when I was mugged and I tried explaining that to them, even going as far as offering to provide them copies of the police report and my medical abstract.

    They never replied back. Frustrated, I just let it go. I don't need the extra stress.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i have the same bad experience. i already consulted a law firm about it and according to the lawyer that i was able to talk to, we can file a class lawsuit against cashcashpinoy. he advised me to forward complaints about group buying sites to Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP. Here's the office address: 2F Trade and Industry Building 361 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City
    Telephone: 751.3233/751.3288
    Fax: 890.4949

  11. Dear all,

    We apologize for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction you've encountered from our service. We hope to make it up to you. For any unresolved issues, please give us your account name and email ad so we can look on your concerns again.

    We hope to serve you better in the future.

    ~CashCashPinoy Team

  12. Anonymous says:

    I receive the same treatment from them -- never replied to my emails, the one time they did they confirmed they will refund me but has never deposited the amount despite assuring me several times that they will and that it's just stuck with accounting, they deleted my complaints on their fb walls and recently they blocked me.

    I have filed a complaint with DTI via the old email address DTI used to reach out to me ( and Unfortunately, DTI has taken out the complaints form in their website and seemed unreachable on those emails as they haven't acknowledged my complain yet. I also posted the complain on and and posted my complain on my FB wall as well so others are warned. They owe me at least 7K of refund, but I'm planning to request for a refund for the rest since I just found out again that one establishment was unreachable via the reflected contact number on the voucher. So I'll make calls over this coming weekend to check the rest.

    CCP used to be a good online couponing site. I'm not sure if they lost resources to man their CS (probably employees left for another more reliable and less-complained company). I'm actually more concerned that DTI seemed to be aware of the issue, yet hasn't done anything yet to to keep CCP from fooling more consumers. If a substantial amount of complaints have been received, they should at least put the company under probation, investigate the issue and keep them from fully operating until all issues and shortcomings have been addressed.

    I no longer buy from CCP. Although, I've a lot of unused vouchers still, so I'm still worried. I now just buy vouchers from DealGrocer. I think from all the existing online couponing sites now, DealGrocer is the most reliable and has the best CS.

    Nakakahiya lang ang CCP, ginamit pa ang word na "Pinoy"...nakakasira lang ng reputation ng Filipinos e.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am okay with class lawsuit. The more complainants, the better. I have already talked to people who have the same experience as ours. DTI is already fully aware of these group buying sites. It is just a matter of coordinating with each and everyone of us in order to have a more viable legal solution. Let's teach CashCashPinoy a lesson the hard way.


  14. Anonymous says:

    The items they sell such as slimming underwear etc are just bought from divisoria at 80-100 bucks and are sold at Php 399 at (supposedly)60-70%off. It's all bull. Be sure to read and understand inclusions of sale.

    Sabay din ensogo/groupon..they were selling The North Face Surge bag at Php 3,599which is at 44%off...I checked with the north face distributor in the Phillippines and they did not have any such promo and filed a case against cash cash and will file against groupon for this. Then I found out there was a lot of FAkE the north face SURGE bags in the market selling for as low as Php 1,200.


  15. Imee says:

    Are you guys still pursuing the class lawsuit mentioned in this thread? I want to participate!

  16. Dardar says:

    Hi. Nope, not on my end anyway. I was able to fix the thing up. They refunded me, but only after a few months na. I think February 2012 na.

  17. Anonymous says:

    They're the worst! Enough said. You shouldnt trust these fraudulent deal sites.

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