TL;DR: Lessons for Twenty-Somethings

HelloGiggles, one of my favorite female-centric sites, always produces great content. I read almost everything the writers from the site post and this particular one by Kate Harmer is a favorite. In Turnin' Thirty: Notes from My Twenties, Kate talks about being comfortable and being happy about turning thirty and the lessons she learned the past few years.

It's a bit long so I'm summarizing the article for anyone who has ADD and focus on the stuff that struck me most.
Over time, most people get better at being people.

Some things I learned in my twenties:

Have a uniform.

Find an outfit that you feel good in and buy it in every available color combination. Waking up is way less stressful knowing you have something that just works.

Education is an amazing escape route.

Education pulled me out of a mental black hole. I was challenged to think and live in an uncomfortably new way and it was exactly what I needed. School helped me see my situation from a different perspective and regain some self worth.

The only way to become something is to be it.

Just DO the job you want. Make up assignments and give yourself deadlines. Be as awesome as you can be and start showing people what you’ve done. If you’re busy being what you want to be, then… aren’t you?

Don't touch it.

Get your hands off your face. Touching it won't make things better.

The coolest people are the hardest workers.
Rad people didn’t get that way sitting around. The most exciting people are nerdy about something and invest time and energy into that interest.

Admit that you don't know.

Almost all of my social anxiety between 12 and 25 stemmed from the dull, nagging fear that I would say something wrong, not know what people were talking about or not have the answer to a question. Turns out conversations thrive on questions and asking people to explain something makes them feel good.

Have friends.

One of the very best decisions I made in my twenties was to stop thinking I didn’t need to connect with other people and be vulnerable enough to try.

That's my first TL;DR post for you. To read all of the very awesome post, click here.

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