Manic Monday: Some Pictures from the Weekend

The weekend was pretty fun! It started early on a Friday with volunteering at a Gawad Kalinga site and then spent the whole afternoon at Kishanta for a team party. It was crazy in a fun (but totally tiring) way. I capped the night with a massage, a lovely dinner with my boyfriend (it was our 29th month!), then a facial which "awakened" all the monsters in my face.

Granny's Chicken or something something. Bigby's

Rack-a-Bye-Baby (baby back ribs). Bigby's
Saturday was spent at UP Cebu for the 2nd Cebu Comics Convention. It was okay.

My dog.
Uhm, my face.
My hair in its new cut. This is the only part of my body that I like right now. lol

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