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I was contacted by Jhing of Dermclinic this morning (Oct. 6, 2011). She actually contacted me way back Saturday, October 1, 2011 but I was not able to take the call and she texted me an e-mail address instead. This week is really hellish for me work-wise so I wasn't able to follow up my complaint using the referred e-mail address.

Anyhoo, Jhing asked me what my problem about the deal was and I explained to her what I mostly described here. She told me that 30 shots per UA is ridiculous since that's way too many for the skin to handle. My boyfriend (and some random blogs and a commenter) also noted that 60 shots for one session is uber.

Well, that's cool but what I still don't understand is how two separate people from Dermclinic SM City Cebu told me in two separate occasions that per session can use up to 60 shots per arm. And remember how the person with a white coat and whom I assume is a dermatologist told me to bring ALL of my vouchers on the next visit? Well, if 60 shots per arm is too much then why tell me that. Ugh, so inconsistent/ridiculous/dangerously misleading.

Anyway, Jhing said that the 60 shots may be a per-package thing and they might have misunderstood my question. While I totally disagree since the doctor asked me to use 6-7 vouchers in one visit, I just let that comment slide by because I'm tired and I was late for work.

The cool thing though is Jhing offered me a deal that is hard to refuse. She told me that I can..
use one voucher for one session just to see how things would go. If I am not satisfied with the service, I can always inform her and she'll give me all of my money back. Including the first "test" session.
Well, that's very nice and I was really pleased with how things went. She also facilitated the reservation by forwarding my number to the Dermclinic SM City Cebu staff who called me a few hours later. I have an appointment next week!

A few more hours after the call with Jhing, Catherine (I think) from Cashcashpinoy also called me to follow-up on the Dermclinic issue and asked me how things went. So I told her that everything's good, for now.

All in all, my complaint was addressed in a little over a week (9 days, or 7 working days to be exact), and even faster if I had answered the call last Saturday. hrhr. That's a pretty speedy resolution with which I am very pleased. However, this really isn't fully resolved yet in case I opt for a refund so we'll see how this adventure goes!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi dar, how was your first session with them? i had my session yesterday and the dermatologist there told me that at first they were not aware about the promo and that they were just advice by their mgt. about it. she also said that since it just a promo, the shots given was not the same with the regular client who availed it. how come they said it was 83% off if they will not give us the same? the other thing was, i thought the 10 shots was per ua since they told me that the regular was 20 shots..then they let me signed a waiver which i did not read thorougly. then then dr. gave 12 shots for each ua even if i said to her i only have 2 vouchers and i want to have 2 sessions done. she even gave me a temporary 2nd session sched on nov 22. with that i thought that i just used 1 voucher. then i leave the clinic when they called me that i forgot to give them the voucher, they also said that i already used 2 vouchets since the shots given to me was already 20 shots both ua.. so they ask me for the voichers serial no. and asked to provide them the printrd one within this week..i hope they will clarify it to the voucher holder so that they will be aware. i already spend 1800 for just obe session including the crean and the consultation fee. i should have just purchase the contours promo which i can get 3 sessions and have 20 shots per session instead of this misleading ads from cashcash pinoy & dermclinic :(

  2. Dardar says:

    Hi, so apart from the vouchers you already paid for, you also had to pay 1800 for the consultation fee and the cream? My schedule's supposed to be today but I'm probably gonna cancel it coz I'm sick and might not be able to go. I've been thinking of getting it refunded if I still have to pay a consultation fee and other misc fees for an already discounted service.

    I'll let you know how it goes. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. :( What clinic is this?

  3. Anonymous says:

    no, i just sum up the total expenses.. my 2 vouchers was used in just one session plus 350 consultation fee and 260 cream..it was in dermclinic megamall. it will be a lessons for me not to believe in false advertisement and promos anf i should check first wuthcthe merchant before purchasing their groupon services.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi dar, i would like to ask for the result of your sessions in dermclinic..

  5. Dardar says:

    Hi, Anon. I have not went through any of the sessions yet coz I was either sick or really busy the past few weeks and hindi pwede pag-weekends which makes it really hard for me. =/ If only they informed in the promo na hindi pala pwede sa weekends, I wouldn't have bought a single voucher. I'm planning to have it refunded actually.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi dar, im mayo.. your right!!! andaming di naka-indicate sa promo..they said that it was 595 per session so meaning pag 2 vouchers e 2 sessions then pagpunta mo sa clinic nila magulat ka na lang ma consume na agad yun 2 vouchers.. so kung nagkataon 1 lang buy mo then ua yun napili mo e 1 side lang ng ua ang itreat nila for ipl or tig 5 shots lang..nag aksaya kang tayo ng pera sa wala tas nagbayad pa consultation fee worth 350.. grabe talaga!!! buti pa yun ensogo, when we had complaints about sa pagtitipid na ginawa ng 1 merchant nila for ipl, they made actions agad and the merchant gave what was on the promo.. sabagay!! bad publicity din to for dermclinic for false advertisement..sana nilagay nalang nila dun, test ipl session only!! Haiz..kawindang!

  7. Dardar says:

    Hi! I'm planning to get a refund nalang coz I don't wanna be spending more for the consultation fee and I have to travel din so I won't have time to use the vouchers. I'll update the blog for the refund process.

  8. Anonymous says:

    for me, i bought 4 vouchers thinking 1 voucher per session is enough. sadly, i wasn't aware na 10 shots nga lang per voucher... so i had to use 2 vouchers per visit. i used up all my vouchers na & so far happy naman ako sa results. i didn't pay for consultation. bumili lang ako nung cream and ung deodorant na nirecommend ng derma sakin. yung cream naman pedeng magamit sa mga insect bites so kahit tapos na yung ipl, di ka rin lugi.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hay naku.. Ganyan na ganyan din experience ko with Dermaesthetics dun sa deal nila w/ metrodeal! Anggugulang nla! Anyways, I understand that the problem is with the merchant coz metrodeal is just an online advertising company lang naman... I am not defending Metrodeal ha, hinde nila ako staff and my favorite sites are Ensogo & CCP (metrodeal sucks and also ensogo pagdating sa Customer Service/Support nla)..:P I have been an account executive din naman kasi in 1 of the biggest televisions here in the Phils kaya naiintindihan ko situation nla, ako humahawak ng account ng advertisers and sometimes I have no control over the nutty minds of some of my clients, nalalaman nalang namin ayun nagkalokohan na sila with their customers and ako at ang network ang naiipit dahil sa kalokohan nla dahil nagpaadvertise nga sila with us.. haizt.. Hinde lang pala ang gobyerno ang corrupt...nakakahiya 2loy maging pinoy dahil sa mga tulad nlang ginagamit ang talino para mkpanggulang at lamang sa kapwa..:( Kaya nga sila ngppromo to advertise their company para dumami clients nla by introducing their best service at a cheaper rate kc kpag maipakita nila na mganda ang services nla babalik at babalik ang mga customers sa kanila regardless sa blow up ng price pero sa ginagawa nilang yan they are really doing a great job in losing their company!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well this was resolved for you, but what about the other thousand who got duped, right? Nakakagalit!

  11. Hi everyone,
    We have read your concerns. If there are unresolved issues, please email us at support@cashcashpinoy.com or leave a message in our fb page at http://www.facebook.com/CashCashPinoy.

    Hi Dardar,
    We're glad that the experience ended well.

    Cheers to all,

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