TV: Alphas and Gary Bell

So, guys. I'm not really in a blogging mood right now, but let me talk to you about Alphas. Alphas is frakking A. I feel sorry for those people who didn't stick with it 'til the end coz the finale was pretty solid and set up a great second season.

When I was taking up Remote Sensing as an elective in college, I learned in greater detail about the Electromagnetic Spectrum and how waves are everywhere and how we only see a measly portion of it in the visible spectrum. I've always wanted to know what all other waves would look like and thought it'd be a pretty amazing (and chaotic) power to actually see them when you want to. Well, guess what! Someone behind the Alphas thought the same and they came up with my favorite Alpha:

Gary Bell. He can see and control all the waves in the EMS. He's autistic which makes him more adorable. He's like the team's baby.

Gary's awesome and he's powerful and he can multitask like it's nobody's business. The US Government lost a critical asset when they alienated Gary with that stupid move in the finale (no spoilers!). A lot of Alpha abilities were pretty common/expected and even silly, but I'm all for Gary and I don't think I'm ever gonna stop watching Alphas because of him.

So please watch Alphas, America! I don't want it to be canceled. 

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  1. E says:

    wow.. Remote Sensing as an elective in college? which school offers that?

  2. Dardar says:

    UP Visayas-Cebu College. :) It was an elective for Computer Science students. T'was really fun.

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